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 The Meaning [Open, Reserved]

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PostSubject: The Meaning [Open, Reserved]   Sun 05 Jul 2015, 11:38 am

This thread is open for only two people to join! The maximum amount I would like to be three. c: Thanks~

He saw fire.

It tore through the valley, untamed and unleashed, like a wild animal released from its cage. Its flames engulfed the hillside, hungrily blazing through the forests. Thunder crackled in the sky and lightning shattered the darkness, providing momentary light before disappearing. Rain pelted down from the swollen clouds and slammed into the fire.
But nothing could stop it. It was indestructible. It rose, coughing smoke into the sky, howling in rage. Ankhyros and Aeturnum alike fled from their homes and rapid terror. But where was he? Where would you be when your family is trapped in the deep of the burning forest? Where would you be when your pack went down with ash and smoke?

He woke up.

Talos' eyes flew open, azure optics wild with panic. Claw marks in the  earthy ground showed that he had been twitching in his sleep. Harsh breath came from his maw and his chest heaved with air. His bed of moss, disturbed and torn. A silent hum came from his right and he twitched and ear there, lifting his head. He was shocked to see the waterfall. Where am I? A moment of fuzziness buzzed in the dark brute's mind and he heaved himself onto all fours. Oh. Yeah.

He remembered making an hour journey from his guarded packlands to the waterfall at late sun-down, arriving there just before midnight. Talos shook his fur, watching a cloud of dust and dirt billow from it. Right. He remembered everything now. He was haunted by dreams of his past and could never sleep soundly in his own home. In a desperate attempt to escape the madness, he had ran all the way to the Cosmo Waterfall and slept there. So much for that, Talos thought bitterly as he lapped some water from the shallower edges of the pool that the waterfall had formed.

Maybe his history was an open book that he would be forced to read night by night. Maybe he was going insane. The ebon brute's maw twisted, revealing his canine fangs. He disliked the latter. Sudden guilt flushed through Talos, so sudden that he actually cringed. "My pack." He growled out, whipping around. Would they worry? Had someone come to return them home? He hadn't told anyone his exact cause for leaving. He should've told his Beta! Muttering, he kicked a rock into the shallow pool with his left leg. He didn't know what to do. Stay. Talos calmed. He trusted his pack. He needed a day off anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: The Meaning [Open, Reserved]   Sat 03 Oct 2015, 1:22 am

The ashen gray fae woke up to the melody of chaos that sounded outside of her cozy den at the foot of the hill in the forest. She grumbled something incoherent and, annoyed, rose from her moss bed. Juniper closed her eyes as she emerged from the small, den, feeling the blast of wind hit her face, including the clamor of the pack.

The Alpha's gone missing? She murmured in mild confusion as she eavesdropped on one of the many conversations all around. Her ears perked in interest and excitement and she trotted outside of the camp. Eager to prove herself to her Alpha, the newly named Hunter Juniper would scout him out herself. She was sure that it was Ankhyros that had captured the brute, but she couldn't be sure. The fae lowered her twitching black nose to the ground, easily picking up a faint scent, and following it.

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The Meaning [Open, Reserved]
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