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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Tue 20 May 2014, 8:05 pm

The Rules of Retribution apply to all members, therefore, the Administrators expect excellent and appropriate behavior from everyone on the site. By joining our site, you have agreed and accepted our rules and regulations. Administrators won't hesitate to punish or ban anyone who causes offense or make any other member uncomfortable. Punishments are given based on offense, however, please understand that the Admins' word is law. Rule-breaking will not be tolerated, end of story.
(Please note that the Admins may change the rules whenever it is necessary. When this occurs, please do not fight or become angry if you disagree new rule(s). Private message a Moderator or Administrator if you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion.)

-The Staff
Code of Conduct

  • Be Respectful & Friendly to all of the members of Retribution, including Staff. We are a friendly community and would like to welcome everyone who enters our lands with a warm smile and a welcoming hug. Any ill-mannered actions will lead to a Staff warning, then a ban if it continues. If someone is being impolite, please report them and act maturely. We do not need any cat fights going on around here. The person will be given a punishment from Staff if caught being rude or if they are reported. (However, if the offense isn’t intentional, the person will be let down with a warning.)
  • Swearing/cussing/etc. is allowed here, but only to an extent. Not every post you make should have a cuss word in it, let alone a single post shouldn't have a lot of cussing. If you are seen cussing too much on the site, then an Admin will give you a warning. Continue cussing after the warning, then a ban.
  • No mature content. We do not need none of it. There should not be any inappropriate names, signatures, or anything else.
  • Stay active if you are on our site. If something is going on and it delays your posts, tell us at the Absences section. If you are inactive for more than two weeks (without posting in absences board), your account will be judged inactive. Staff will try to contact you and warn you about the deletion of your account. However, if no action is taken in a week, your account will automatically be deleted. Try and make at least two posts a week also.

General Roleplay Rules

  • All roleplay on Retribution must be in 3rd-person/past tense. There should be no 'I' or 'Me' in your posts, unless it is for dialogue.
  • Each RP post that you make with your wolf must have at least 10 sentences in it. This is, honestly, a really small amount of minimum words needed to meet our standards, therefore, Staff doesn't think that you guys will have a problem with it. However, if you do, you can contact an Administrator or Moderator for help, tips, and more.
  • Never powerplay. When you powerplay, you make your character perfect at everything it does. This includes fights (hitting every time, dodging every time), hunts (killing prey instantly), or anything you do. Do not allow this happen. Also, god-modding (controlling someone else's character without their permission) isn't allowed either.
  • Retribution is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay, for spirits roam the lands of Oriole. Please, remember this while RPing.

Character Rules

  • We want to see REALISTIC wolves. For we can't stress this enough, do not create a dire wolf with pink fur that wears earrings, because it will NOT be accepted. We only accept natural wolves. Extinct wolf breeds aren't allowed. Other wolf breeds not listed in the Acceptable Wolf Breeds thread can be bought. Please read the Acceptable Wolf Breeds thread for a better understanding. Accessories are allowed, but primarily collars. (See Staff if you are planning to add an accessory to your character!)
  • Wolves are not allowed to roleplay unless they've posted a proper biography in the Creation board and it has been accepted by Staff. If this hasn't happen, please do not roleplay.
  • Each wolf on this site will have to die sooner or later. They cannot live forever, sadly. You have the decision to choose whether they will be killed by another wolf or die the natural way. The oldest a wolf can get on Retribution is 10 years.
  • Wolves are the only playable-species on the site. No dogs, no half-breeds, no nothing, only wolves.
  • Every wolf is allowed to have a mate, however, graphic mating is not allowed. This also applies to graphic fighting and birthing (just the 'fade-to-black' thing for birthing')
  • Everyone is allowed to have as many characters as they want. Just keep them active. If a character is left inactive, then Staff will notify you to keep their activity up or delete them.
  • Spirits are the souls of fallen wolves, freed from their living chains and allowed to travel Oriole in their ghostly forms. Most of them are only solid at night and can be touched then, however, some are forever ghostly. Spirits are strictly NPC unless a character dies and becomes one.
  • You can buy a spirit character at the shop. That is the only instance that they can be playable.
  • You can only roleplay with a NPC Spirit at an Ancient Land.

Out of Character Rules

  • Do not spam any board in the site. That could lead to a warning, then a ban.
  • *all Codes of Conduct go here...*

Those are the Rules of Retribution. If you have any concerns, please contact an Administrator. If you catch someone failing to follow the rules, please report them. Thank you.
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The Rules
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